Do Gothic preposition du “unto” and Ukrainian preposition до “to” have the same origin?

Matthew 25:40

"jah andhafjands sa þiudans qiþiþ du im"

"And the King shall answer and say unto them"

"Цар відповість і промовить до них"

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Maybe, thought that's unclear.

Ukrainian до is from Proto-Slavic *do, which is from Proto-Indo-European *de ~ *do

For Gothic 𐌳𐌿 (du), Wiktionary currently says that it's probably related to Proto-Germanic *tō, for which, on it's side, it says that it's from Proto-Indo-European *doh₁, which is instrumental singular of the aforementioned *de ~ *do (also Wiktionary explicitly says that Proto-Germanic *tō is cognate of Russian до (which is obviously very close cognate of Ukrainian до)).

So, probably both are somehow derived from Proto-Indo-European *de ~ *do.

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