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Is there any functional difference between по- and попо- prefixes, as in "попоїсти"?

As a matter of fact, there is a difference. Verbs starting with a prefix "попо-" are called iterative verbs (denoting repeated action). It's notable that perfective iterative verbs (попоходити, ...
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What is the difference between перенести and перевести?

(Very superficial answer, I haven't looked deeply, please feel free to correct me.) Перенести derives from нести — to carry. The primary meaning is that you physically carry something from one place ...
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Choosing a perfective prefix

There's no simple rule of which prefix to use. Actually most of the time you can use most of the prefixes and each one will give slightly different meaning, e.g.: нести (carry) -> нанести (~ to carry ...
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