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4 votes
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What is the difference between перенести and перевести?

I am more specifically asking about when they mean 'to transfer something', not the other meanings like with перенести meaning to undergo and to postpone. I thought that generally вести was usually ...
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7 votes
1 answer

Choosing a perfective prefix

Are there any general rules or common patterns as to what prefix an imperfective verb will take when changed to the perfective? I know that it's usually either з-, про-, по-, or на- but I never can ...
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11 votes
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Is there any functional difference between по- and попо- prefixes, as in "попоїсти"?

According to the dictionaries, they both denote perfective mood of the verbs: поїсти vs. попоїсти, походити vs. попоходити …and so on. Do these prefixes have equivalent function, or is there ...
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