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What case do you use with зрозуміти? [duplicate]

I've been doing Duolingo exercises again, and I ran into these two sentences in a row, which was very confusing: Вона не зрозуміє це Вона зрозуміє мого листа These two sentences are using different ...
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Іван написав листа/лист -- facultative animacy in Ukrainian

I have read in "Ukrainian - A Comprehensive Grammar" by S. M. Pugh and I. Press that some Ukrainian inanimate nouns, such as лист, can optionally take singular-accusative in -а, i.e. they are treated ...
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Genitive Case after transitive verb?

My textbook had the following example: Сестра написaла цього листа Note the use of genitive case after написала. I asked a native speaker and they said that it sounded correct to them, but that ...
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