Waste (verb): use or expend carelessly, extravagantly, or to no purpose.

Is there a word in Ukrainian that carries a similar meaning and is derived from a word with an obviously negative connotation? For example the noun of "waste" is "відходи", but can it be converted into a verb in Ukrainian?

I'd like something to use in sentences like:

"Don't waste water!"

"He wasted money on a luxury car."

"The government is wasting a portion of the budget."

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  • марнувати — Даремно, без користі витрачати гроші, майно тощо. (to spend uselessly, to no purpose — money, assets, etc.)
  • гаяти — Витрачати марно, марнувати (стосовно часу) (to waste, usually in relation to time)

The example sentences above would be:

  • не марнуй воду
  • він змарнував гроші на покупку дорогої автівки
  • уряд марнує частину бюджету

In addition to what bytebuster said (actually, his variants are the best, but there are others):

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