There is a song where they make it with the different letters for an "i" sound.
Last line:

Шукай в телефонi мiй слiд
Цiлуй в вiкно мої губи
Як знак на моєму плечi
Ти квiтка, тi квiтка

And I would like to know the difference.

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As far as I understand, it's just “ти квітка, ти квітка” (twice the same). If you were listening the audio, maybe pronunciation specifics of a particular singer caused you to misinterpret it; if you were reading the written lyrics, then maybe there was just a typo.

Ukrainian really has the word “ти” (you, in singular) and “ті” (those, in plural). But:

  • “ти квітка” is a correct phrase, it means you're a flower (literally you flower, as we don't use articles and rarely use to be in Ukrainian);
  • “ті квітка” means nothing, these wordforms can't be combined (“та кві́тка” — that flower, “ті квітки́” — those flowers; i.e. you need to change either the first word to singular or the second word to plural but can't just put together plural “ті” and singular “кві́тка”).

The official audio is available on YouTube. Also some version of lyrics is available on musixmatch. Here's the corresponding part:

Шукай в телефоні мій слід
Цілуй у вікно мої губи
Як знак на моєму плечі, ти квітка (Ти квітка-а-а!)

So, it's simply twice the same. (Second “ти квітка” is put into parentheses, because the backing vocalists sing it instead of the lead singer; and also second “квітка” is spelled as “квітка-а-а” to denote specific manner of singing. But from the lyrics perspective it's nothing more than echoing/reverberating the preceding words.)

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