How would a Ukrainian person respectfully address someone much older than them? That is, someone who isn't a stranger (e.g. an elderly neighbour, teacher, etc).

Is it пані/ пан [surname] like in English?

Many thanks for any help.


There's two possible ways to address not a strange older person in Ukrainian:

  1. By saying "пані / пан [name]" (name in a vocative case) (most of the cases of non-formal communication).

Example: - Пані Ірино, як просувається ваша нова стаття?

  1. By saying " [name] [patronym]2 " in a vocative case (some (more and more rare) cases for people who are more older and are used to patronyms and there's no reason to break their habits).

Example: - Ірино Михайлівно, чи не могли б ви мені якнайскорше відповісти щодо цього питання?

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