Ok,so I have been making a list of genders and their changeable endings and I have found no reliable sources concerning the declension of these words. Some show -я and others -а. To avoid guessing again using a thousand words and putting them through Google translate I will just expect an answer here. ^^


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Nouns of neutral gender may belong either to the second or to the fourth declension

Here you can find an example of declension

Neuter nouns

Case            Singular                    Plural
Nominative      море        обличчя         моря        обличчя
Genitive        моря        обличчя         морів       облич∅
Dative          морю        обличчю         морям       обличчям
Accusative      море        обличчя         моря        обличчя
Instrumental    морем       обличчям        морями      обличчями
Locative        (на) морі   (на) обличчі    (на) морях  (на) обличчях
Vocative        море        обличчя         моря        обличчя

море ['mɔrɛ] — a sea
Neuter nouns

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