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Як правильно написати в заяві "директору" чи "директорові"?

There are somewhat ambiguous declension rules of foreign proper names in Dative (and, to some extent, Locative) case.

For example Nominative Trump: would the Dative be Трампу or Трампові?

Update. AFAIU, both variants are formally allowed (I have no proofs, however).
However, the latter one -ові seems to be less used in mass media.
I'm trying to figure out whether or not both variants are, indeed, grammatical.

Note 1. I'm not asking about Noun-based Possessive Adjectives like Трампові лестощі.

Note 2. I'm pretty certain that the Dative for Дональд ("Donald") can be either Дональду or Дональдові.


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There's a declension rule (e.g. § 49 here) for singular masculine nouns ending with hard consonant which can be classified as hard group of 2nd declension. -ові and -y endings can be equaly used to form dative.

However, when several nouns from hard group of 2nd declension go in a row then -ові is used for first to form dative and for rest of them 'to avoid monotony'. Usually this situation appears with full names which usualy do not contain to many words to cause -y ending monotony.

In the media word Трамп is often used after word Дональд. In other words Дональд Трамп is declined to dative more often then just Трамп. Тhis fact reduces chances of Трампові appearance.

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